Request New Smilies!

This is a very minor thing, and it speaks to how well-ran this place has been the last couple of years that I’m bringing it up at all, but…
Why not get some new smilies? :)
The ones we already have are pretty good, I know! But I have come across some awesome smilies on other internet sites. Let’s see if I can quickly share a couple of them in this post…
The “thinking” smilie here is pretty cool, and this rofl smilie might be the best one I’ve ever seen on the internet. Now, I’ve always loved Anime Suki’s “heh” smilie

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Suki x Suki


Touka Aizuki is girl who can turn invisible and no one can see her except for one person, Ryoutarou Mimori.
Even though she is physically invisible, her love is completely visible!

So far i’m loving this manga, the comedy is great and so far it looks like there won’t be any shitty tacked on drama for the sake of having drama.

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