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Spoiler for Reprint with TV anime designs:

Author: Eto Mori

Spoiler for ANN synopsis:

Since he was a young boy, Tomoki Sakai has been in love with the sport of diving. After years of practice and stalwart determination, there’s no place where he feels more at home than in those brief seconds of flight before he’s submerged into the water. Unfortunately, he and the other boys of the Muzuki Diving Club (MDC) aren’t doing enough to please their sponsors, and the club is on the verge of being disbanded. Enter coach Kayoko Asaki, a fiery woman who

Fall 2017 Tsuukaa

Original TV anime ‘Tsuuka’ (Two Car) announced.
Studio is Silver Link (part of their 10th anniversary project)

Coming for this Fall 2017.

Director: Masafumi Tamura
Series Composition, Script: Katsuhiko Takamiya
Original Character Design: Tiv
Character Design: Yuuki Sawairi
Sound Director: Toshiki Kameyama
Music: Ryou Takahashi
Music Production: Lantis
Studio: Silver Link

Plot Summary:


Two Car follows high schoolers Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro as they battle six other rival pairs in the sport of motorcycle sidecar racing.


【SILVER LINK.10周年記念企画】Tiv先生がキャラ原案のオリジナルアニメ「つうかあ」10月より放送開始!

https://myanimelist.net/news/51686412 (MAL)

Official site:

Code geass fanfiction

Hello, I’m a new member. I rencently have started a big fanfiction on Code geass, and I’d like to have some of your opinion.
I’m french, so is this fanfic. If you are enough to ask, I can try to translate the story in english. Thanks 😉

CODE GEASS : The last one

Chapter I : L’aristocrate de l’académie Ashford

Cette fanfiction fait intervenir un personnage et une situation n’ayant jamais existés dans le manga ou l’anime. Les évènements se déroulent peu après ceux du premier épisode de la saison 2.

Je lui ferai payer ça. D’une manière ou d’une autre. Je trouverai la