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The world of Terra holds a very interesting and unique pastime, a game called Dungeon Wars. The game was developed after an accident created a form of Artificial intelligence that was able to create, and sustain it’s own miniature habitat with an ecosystem based off of the creatures that began as it’s ‘start’
This in turn created a craze of a new, and somewhat fun method of research that grew and became a game. They sold these A.I units for a modest sum, along with starter races, and from there it took off to become something

UK: Jury found the 96 fans died in Hillsborough disaster, was “unlawfully killed”

Hillsborough inquests: Fans unlawfully killed, jury concludesNo iframe support, please watch on YouTube.
Quite an incredible story. I means the event itself was already horrible enough when 96 football fans were crushed during a football match in 1989 due to police gross negligence.
However what came after (and going for the last 27 years) was a real disaster, when the local police actually teamed up with media (The Sun newspaper), created a smearing campaign blaming the fans for their own death. These includes:blaming that the stadium was overcrowded because many football fans was rushing the gate without tickets, despite later it

Nijiiro Days (Manga / Bessatsu Margaret)


Natsuki, Tomoya, Keiichi, Tsuyoshi are 4 high school guys who always hang out together. Average in their studies, with no club activities, they just passed their high school days having fun everyday. And the thing concerns these 4 at present, is of course ‘romance’.
In spite of the relentless teasing from the rest, Natsuki, who has a crush on Anna from another class, strives on…!?

Mangaka: Mizuno MinamiSerialized in: Bessatsu MargaretDemograph/Type/Genre: Shoujo / Romance / Friendship / High School Slice of LifeAnime (15 minute short per episode): 2016 Jan –
Volumes published:
Spoiler for warning: synopsis of volumes translated from Amazon may contain