Gender-flipped Betty & Veronica triangle

Still stuck on a major romance fix while waiting for a certain web-manga author to give some progress on one romantic plot. I stumbled upon a trope on that very much fits the sort of story I want: the Betty & Veronica. Based on the Archie comics, a “Betty” is sweet, kind, reliable, a little average but very comfortable, and often has a long enough history to be very familiar, sort of a girl/boy next door sort of ting; a “Veronica” then is cool, hot, daring, edgy, and in most male versions I’ve seen somewhere between sadistic and just

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Sport Anime

Unlike many, I really love Sport genre. It gives me boost of energy and I have watched quiet a lot by now.
So I was wondering if there are are any others that you would recommend?
Few things I don’t like are:
– Dumb MCs. I just can’t stand MCs whose IQ is below 0. Examples would be Sawamura from Daimond no Ace (Took me a while to start accepting him) and Sakamichi from Slam Dunk. His antics were not one bit funny and I still hate every time I see him on screen. Hopefully he’ll get less annoying…
– MC always winning… I