Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo

Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo (The one who loves The Great Me is only you?!) is a light novel written by Rakuda, and illustrated by Buriki.Synopsis:
“Question: What would you do, if a girl you’re interested would confess to you? On top of it, it wouldn’t be just the on girl. A cool upperclassman adored by the whole school. And your cheerful, energetic childhood friend. I bet you would be over the moon. Thing is.. there was a problem about the contents of that confession…”
Kisaragi Amatsuya believes that both the school president, and his childhood friend will

Ryuuou no Oshigoto! [LN]

“Ryuuou No Oshigoto!” is a LN series written by Shirow Shiratori (“Nourin” author) and illustrated by Shirabi. As you know this series took the #1 Spot in “Kono Light Novel Ga Sugoi!” 2017. And, despite the backlash and reactions it got from this taking the top spot, lemme tell you about it.
Spoiler for Summary:

The story is about a teenage boy who happens to be a shogi master. One day, a nine-year-old girl turns up at his house, announcing that she will take him as her master. From there, all kinds of wacky hijinks ensue.

Spoiler for My Impressions:

This series

Tsujo Kogeki ga Zentai Kogeki de Ni-kai Kogeki no Okasan wa Suki desu ka?

She is quite a MILF
From Crunchyroll article “Ai Kayano Voices Dual-Wielding Mama in Ad for New Light Novel Series”:
In “Tsujo Kogeki ga Zentai Kogeki de Ni-kai Kogeki no Okasan wa Suki desu ka?, Masato Oosuki is an ordinary high school boy who is magically transported to an alternative world, but for some reason his doting, over-protective mother comes along as well. The series is described as a ‘together-with-mother’ adventure comedy.”YouTube preview
I am wanting to e-mail to the rights holder of new Japanese book series. I would send the permission form after finding someone to translate the form into Japanese. If