2017 Barangay 143

An anime collaboration between TV Asahi and Philippine developer Synergy88.http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news…ppines/.106898

Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei reported on Sunday that Japanese television network TV Asahi is producing a new anime titled Barangay 143, developed specifically to target the Philippines. TV Asahi is collaborating with Philippine animation and game developer Synergy88. The anime will air in 2017, although the report didn’t specifically state that the series will air in the Philippines.
TV Asahi is handling character design and direction on the Japanese side, while Synergy88 is writing the scripts and handling production. Barangay 143 will tell the story of basketball players in Manila (“barangay” is

Fall 2016 To Be Hero

Plot Summary

Our main character, Ossan, is a no-good father with messy appearance even though he looks nice, and decorates restrooms. He is a divorced, single-dad and lives with his daughter Min-chan, who is good at both studying and sport. One day, Ossan has been sucked into the toilet that he finished using, and becomes a hero to save the Earth! The price for his power is that he has lost his ikemen appearance and becomes a fat person!! Ossan’s battle to protect the Earth and Min-chan has begun…

(summary from MAL)
TV anime ‘To Be Hero’ announced for Fall 2016. Starts

Unknown Keijo!!!!!!!! Hip Whip Girl

Plot Summary:

Kaminashi Nozomi (17) is an exceptional gymnast. So much so that colleges with some of the best gymnastic programs are trying to recruit her. Unfortunately for them, she has other plans. Due to her family being extremely poor, money is everything to her. That’s why she wants to step into the world of “Keijo.” “Keijo” is a type of gambling sport where girls stand on a small floating platform and compete against one another. The aim is to push the other contestant off of the platform into the water, but they are only allowed to use their butt or